Bomba magnética Pumpin 15 Brewferm


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Potência: 10 W – 240 V
Conexões de entrada / saída: 1/2 “rosca macho
Caudal: de 8 a 12 litros por minuto
Max. cabeça: 1,5 metros
Max. temperatura: 90 ° C
Certificado CE


High quality, multi-purpose magnetically driven pump. Suitable for pumping liquids up to 90 °C, not to transfer boiling wort. Do not run the pump dry.


  • fully closed casing
  • plastic casing
  • virtually silent
  • not self-priming


  • circulate wort during the mashing when using a filter bottom (RIMS)
  • transfer wort from lauter tun to brewing kettle
  • transfer wort from brewing kettle to fermentation tank (connect behind the cooler)
  • re-circulate cleaning liquid through plate heat exchanger, soda keg, etc.
  • circulating cooling water through water-cooled fermentation tanks